About Us


WestSac.com is new for West Sacramento in Fall, 2011!

WestSac.com aims to provide West Sacramentans with a place to get true local news, talk to neighbors, and find general  information about their town. Our mission is to create a great online community for West Sacramento, California.

WestSac.com is free!

WestSac.com is brought to you by the News-Ledger, West Sacramento’s local newspaper since 1964.  The News-Ledger is the primary news provider for this site.  We hope you will consider subscribing to the News-Ledger if you have not already. It’s both easy and inexpensive to do – look for the News-Ledger tab at this site.  By subscribing to your local paper, you’ll support the expansion of real local journalism, and you’ll support this free site.

This is just the first phase of this exciting new website. We have more features planned for WestSac.com in the near future.  Stick around and grow with us.

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