Frequently Asked Questions

I am new here, can I become a member on this site?

You bet! Membership is free. Please review our Terms of Service then join us here. If you are here to promote your business, please visit Advertise With Us.

How do avatars work?

We use www.gravatar.com for our avatars. When you setup an avatar with them, you can use it on WestSac.com. You can manage your avatar settings in your account profile. Because the avatar images are cached for better performance, there will be a delay when you update your avatar before it shows on EGO. Avatars are for verified members with good or better Community Karma.

Can I change my username?

No. If you would like to use a different username, you’ll need to signup for a new account. If you’d like to do this, you can close your current account under My Membership.

Can I add an event to the calendar?

Yes, any member can add an event to the Calendar as long as it is of general community interest and is in line with our Terms of Service. Events must be open to the public, West Sacramento-oriented and noncommercial. Some examples of past events added to the calendar include:
Community meetings
Sporting events
School events
Holiday festivities
Public service events
Charity events

What is a Calendar Event vs. a Community Announcement?

A calendar event is a specific event that falls on a specific day. Events are typically: performances, classes, presentations, garage sales, etc. Any event that falls on a specifc day. An announcement is something that may last for several days, but does not happen at an exact time. Announcements are typically: grand openings, ongoing promotions, etc. There may be a date range, but not a specific time associated with an announcement.

I can’t decide if I should post my happening as an Event or an Announcement, what should I do?

When in doubt, enter it as an Announcement.

Why did my event get removed from the calendar?

If your event is a business promotion and you are not a paid advertiser, your event will be removed. If you think it would be valuable to post your business-related events here, please visit our Advertise With Us page.

Can you remove my post from the forums?

We typically do not remove posts. Make sure you are happy with what you are posting before hitting the button.

Can I edit my post in the forums?

No, you cannot edit a post in the forums. Proofread carefully before posting. If you are upset, you may want to sleep on it before posting. Regretting a post is no fun. ๐Ÿ˜‰

How come I unsubscribed from the forums, but am still getting email?

You most likely have two accounts with us and need to unsubscribe them both.

I’m getting e-mail everytime someone posts a message to the forums. How can I stop getting them?

To unsubscribe from the forums, go to the forums and uncheck all of the checkboxes in the “Subscribed” column.

I posted a message and it is no longer there. What happened?

If your message violated our Terms of Service, it may have been removed by an administrator. Please take the time to review the Member Conduct section of our Terms of Service.

Can I post a referral to a business?

If someone is looking for a product or service and you have a referral for them, you are welcome to post it. Please consider however that this site is supported by our Advertisers and we may limit the number of referrals you can make to a particular business. If you are constantly referring them, perhaps they should advertise here. :)

What does “bump” mean?

To bump a thread is to post a reply in order to raise the thread’s profile by returning it to the top of the list of active threads.

How do I add a picture to my post in the forums or classifieds?

When adding your message, click on the Image Manager button . Then click on the Upload tab to upload your picture.

Why is my account locked?

You either:

1. tried to log in too many times with an incorrect password, and your account was locked for security reasons. You can lookup your password in the log in page. Send us a feedback, and we will unlock your account.

2. violated the Terms of Service and are in a time-out. Your account will be unlocked in a while. Try back later.

3. had too many of your messages reported as problems and you are not verified. To unlock your account, you will need to verify your account.

I have a question that’s not addressed here, what can I do?

Send us your question using our feedback form. If your question is answered here, you will probably not get a response to your feedback…that’s why we post these questions here…