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Sept. 30, 2011

Welcome to!  But do you know what it is? is a brand-new  “sister” website to that of the News-Ledger, West Sacramento’s local paper since 1964.  But is designed to be something very different. is a “town hall” for the city of West Sacramento. Here, you’ll find not only a nice sampling of local news from the News-Ledger, but also a town calendar, a discussion forum, a feed of local news from other media outlets, and a page of local web links.  Each of these features individually is, we believe, the best in town.  Combined, we think they make up the best local website in West Sac.

This is just the beginning — Phase I, so to speak. There will be more features and more upgrades as time goes by.  If you support us, we promise to pay you back by making better and better.  We have some new features already on the drawing board, and we’d love to hear your ideas, too. is free.  You can browse the news, check out the calendar (or add an event to it), peruse the discussion forums — go wherever you’d like.  There is no “pay wall” here.

But while anyone can visit this website, we do ask that you register here (or just use your Facebook ID) if you wish to make a post in the forums, to leave a comment, or to add to the calendar.  After long and careful consideration, we’ve decided we will require visitors to use their names when making a public comment. That shouldn’t be a big deal — those of you on Facebook already do just that.

The reason for this policy is simple: some people become  irresponsible if they know they are speaking anonymously.  Requiring authors to use their names can help keep things civil.  And what we really want to do here is create a great online community!

So the basic philosophy here is to be civil. It’s OK to criticize each others’ ideas; it’s not OK to criticize each other.

What about the News-Ledger’s own website? is going to get an upgrade, too.   For the moment, though, we’re concentrating on

Do you like what you see here so far? Do you want to help to grow and become a first-class “town hall” for West Sacramento? There are several ways you can help:

— Visit and browse often.

— Participate! Comment on articles, participate in forum discussions, add to the calendar.

— Take a moment and check out some of the ads you see at  Click on any that interest you.  We pledge not to load too many ads on any single page.

— Send some friends to!  When you email someone local, tell them about  “Tweet” articles from using the Twitter button, if you are a Twitter member.  Visit the News-Ledger/ on Facebook, and hit the “like” button.

— Subscribe to the News-Ledger (it’s only $20/year locally). Call 371-8030, or look for the PayPal links due to go up on this site by late October.

— Advertise your business here if you want to reach West Sacramento readers. Email Erica Scoggins at

— Tell us what you want to see here.  It’s OK to be ambitious — we certainly are!  You can use the “Contact Us” tab, or look below for the place to comment on this post.

Once again, welcome!

— STEVE MARSCHKE, Publisher of & the News-Ledger
— ERIC HARDING, Website Developer




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    Oct. 1, 2011

    Welcome to!  But do you know what it is? is a brand-new  “sister” website to that of the News-Ledger, West Sacramento’s …
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