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NEWS-LEDGER – SEPT 28, 2011 –

Larry Brooks, West Sacramento’s code enforcement officer, reminds the public that the rules regarding holding a garage sale in West Sacramento changed in 2009. The city council had adopted an ordinance it hoped would limit the blight of homemade signs and inconvenience to neighbors posed by some households which held a lot of such sales.
“The ordinance. . . restricts the number of yard sales per household to no more than three per calendar year,” said Brooks. In addition, the regulation makes it illegal to place signs on street posts, telephones and in the public right of way. Signs are only allowed at the location of the yard sale.”
Violators may be cited. To report a violation, call 617-5001.

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    Eric Harding

    I can see limiting the number of garage sales, no one wants a weekly swap meet going on next door every weekend, but 3 per year seems low.

    Signs are need, without signs people won’t know where or when they are.

    We (and a few neighbors) had a garage sale a few weeks ago. and we put up signs in places that may have violated the ordinance. We also drove around after the garage sale and took down all our signs. I think there should be an ordinance saying if you put a sign you need to take it down after the fact.

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