Oct 062011

NEWS-LEDGER – OCT 5, 2011 –

Things just kept going downhill for a man allegedly trying to steal some recyclable metal from a Cebrian Street business last week.

  According to police reports, the thief entered the 24-hour facility at about 1 a.m. on Friday morning, and started putting copper tubing into his light blue Chevrolet pickup truck. But an employee spotted him, and started to lock the facility’s gate to trap the man inside while police were summoned.

The suspect got into the pickup and “accelerated the Chevy into the closed portion of the gate, breaking the gate” — and nearly hitting the employee, said an officer’s report.  One of the Chevy’s tires was also punctured in the escape.

“The gate became attached to the bottom of the Chevy as it fled north on Cebrian Street, then westbound on Del Monte.”

The suspect then abandoned the damaged truck – with just a couple of pieces of stolen pipe in it – about a half mile from the business, on Shore Street. Officers converged for a search, and a helicopter responded to help. They didn’t initially find him.

Then, according to Lieutenant Tod Sockman of the West Sacramento Police Department, they got a lead. The hiding suspect apparently had called his brother to come pick him up, describing to his brother the spot in the bushes where he was hiding near Port and Shore streets. Police talked to the brother when he arrived.

“The brother came in and helped identify where the suspect was,” said Sockman.

Arrested was Comse Aldaco, 33, of Sacramento.

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