Oct 202011

Editor’s note:

It’s that time of year again. Some residents in Southport, particularly around Bridgeway Island, Bridgeway Lakes and other areas with nearby waterways, are complaining of a foul odor in their neighborhood. We’ve recently received some complaints and some questions about the smell.

To answer the question, we will reprint below a News-Ledger article on the same subject published exactly one year ago. Hold your nose, and you’ll soon get through this. . . at least until next year!

NEWS-LEDGER  – OCT 20, 2010 (REPRINTED online 10/20/11) —

Some residents of Southport have noticed a “sewage” smell in their neighborhoods during the past few weeks. It’s a real phenomenon, and a natural one, said city spokesperson Art Schroeder.

“The problem/condition seems to happen about this time every year; typically in late summer/early fall,” according to a report from the public works department provided by Schroeder. “Hot days, coupled with relatively cool nights create convection currents in the lakes or other bodies of water. These water bodies characteristically contain decaying organic matter which the currents stir up, releasing methane gas. . . and it just smells awful – sulfur, rotten eggs, etc.”

“It appears there isn’t anything we can do to remove this condition,” said the report.

No doubt some Southport residents are looking forward to some cool fall days.

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