Oct 272011

   NEWS-LEDGER OC26, 2011 – 

Waste Management, Inc.

  This season, Waste Management reminds its customers to save money and Think Green® by avoiding traditional Halloween routines – that usually result in waste – in favor of recyclable, eco-friendly habits:
·    Use the whole pumpkin: Most everyone buys a pumpkin to celebrate the holiday, and we all end up tossing it in the trash in November. However, avoiding that waste is easy by using the pumpkin for both food and decoration. It’s easy to bake the seeds with a little bit of salt for a tasty and healthy snack; or, puree the freshly cutout pieces for recipes that call for fresh pumpkin – avoiding canned pumpkin. All other parts of the pumpkin can be added to a compost pile.
·    Skip the expensive plastic costumes: Put less stress on your wallet by opting for costumes made of reusable or recycled materials. Incite your family’s creativity by constructing a unique, exciting costume from scratch. Sites like TreeHugger (http://www.treehugger.com) offer free instructional videos on how to make popular costume ideas for $10 or less.

·    Use recyclable bags for your Trick-or-Treaters: A fun family activity is to create a unique Trick-or-Treat basket, or simply put a reusable bag to good use. Avoiding the plastic Jack-O-Lantern type containers will avoid clutter, save money, and add a dash of originality to your Trick-or-Treaters’ costume.