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Last week, the News-Ledger reported a city official’s explanation of what was causing that bad smell that seems to hover over some Southport neighborhoods every fall (and perhaps spring). The combination of warm days and cool nights caused “convection currents” in local waterways, bringing rotting material up to the surface, he said.

This creates an unpleasant odor for which city officials aren’t aware of any easy solution. Cooler temperatures will stop the phenomenon.

The Pocket area of Sacramento has been experiencing similarly smelly symptoms.

“It smells like a sewer,” one Pocket resident told KCRA television station. The station filmed a news report partly at the Pocket Canal Parkway.

In the same TV report, Sacramento City Councilman Darrell Fong said he thinks the culprit behind the Pocket’s bad smell might be across the river in West Sac:

“There’s also detention basins and canals over in the West Sacramento area of Southport,” said Fong. “Something. . . could be coming from that area over there. It’s drifting over because of the Delta Breeze.”

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To see the News-Ledger’s earlier report on what might be causing the odor in Southport, see:

‘That bad smell in Bridgeway”

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  2 Responses to “Sac councilman suggests West Sac is causing bad smell in Pocket area”

  1. Ask hunter’s in the West Sacramento area and they will tell you that the smell is in large part due to the refuge. Vegetation dies off, the area gets flooded creating a very foul odor, happens every year at this time. Some of the odor may be contributed to local ponds but the big culprit is the refuge. There is an avid duck hunter in my house and he talks about the smell every year.

  2. Perhaps there is a break in that huge crap line (aka Northwest Interceptor) that Sacramento installed on our side of the river to keep the development going in Natomas and Folsom. After all, they did not want to have to tear up streets in downtown Sacramento and impose on the people on their side of the river. Mr. Fong surely was not bad mouthing us went he wanted us to take the damage to our homes and the burden of the crap line on our side of the river instead of his. That’s gratitude for you!!!!