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CHRISTINE DRUBE and PERRY PALAMIDESSI at the site of a planned memorial in Sam Combs Park along Stone Boulevard (News-Ledger photo)

Plan would create a memorial path of engraved bricks to remember lost West Sacramento residents

— NEWS-LEDGER – NOV 2, 2011 —

By Steve Marschke
News-Ledger Editor

An plan to create a memorial walkway to honor lost West Sacramento loved ones is now catching fire, thanks partly to a networks of friends and a Facebook page. The plan – still in its infancy – would allow people to purchase an inscribed brick to be placed along a walkway at the Sam Combs Park on Stone Boulevard.

West Sacramento native Christine (Kofoed) Drube said in explanatory email that the idea was launched at an Internet discussion site talking about the town.

“This idea came about when we were chatting in the group called ‘You know you’re from West Sac if. . .’ on Facebook,” wrote Drube. “A member in our group brought up the names of a few of our friends that had passed away. The next thing you know, there were 165 different comments connecting together discussion various people in our age group that had left us way too early.”

She said she found the talk “disheartening,” but she “had to do something to remember all of those who had passed away, and thought of this – I thought of the engraved brick memorial pathway.”

The idea came from Drube’s connection to the University of Arizona, which had a similar memorial. Her family bought a tile to honor their father at the university.

“The idea took off immediately,” she said of its reception in West Sacramento.

She and some others, including local real estate agent Perry Palamidessi and volunteer Hollis Blevins, have been working with the local parks department and with some brick manufacturers to try to make the West Sac memorial happen. They plan to call it the “Path of Reflections.”

Interested people will be able to purchase an engraved brick to be installed along the walkway. Additional rows of bricks could be added as the numbers get larger. Also planned are benches “so people may sit and reflect, laugh and talk.”

Some sample bricks set down where the real engraved bricks may go (News-Ledger photo)

  Early estimates put the cost of an engraved brick at under $50.

The project has a new Facebook page (“Engraved Brick Garden for West Sacramento Residents”) but it hasn’t formed a formal organization. The group has talked to Ron Vrilakis, a 1980 graduate of River City High School who has an architecture firm in Sacramento and may help to plan the “Path of Reflections.”

“Everybody knows somebody who passed on,” commented Palamidessi. “After suggesting this, she just got flooded with people wanting to be a part of it.”

Palamidessi said he has helped to create a local network to pursue the project, because Drube has been away from her native town for a number of years.

“I think this is going to evolve over time,” he said. “We’d like to present the project to the parks and recreation department in November as a conceptual outline. They’ve done something similar in Clarksburg with a memorial tower.”

Palamidessi said the best way for people to follow the project at this stage is to go online and visit the group’s Facebook page, which is accessible to Facebook members at:

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  4 Responses to “‘Path of Reflections’ to honor loved ones”

  1. What a great idea!!!!

  2. I’m excited for this idea to become a reality! So many special people to remember in our community. I cannot wait to buy bricks to honor my grandparents!

  3. I think that’s a great idea!

  4. Will the people who purchased bricks for their “loved ones”at the Riverwalk at the Zig be able to transfer theirs to the new project on Stone or will there be two “walks” to choose from?