Dec 162011


Sometimes, the News-Ledger gets letters.

This week, readers sounded off on the need for a new school bond (in part to build a new performing arts center at River City High School) and on whether it’s a good idea — or a partisan political maneuver — to require people to show government ID in order to vote.

Check out the opinions below.


Build the RCHS theater

(Re: ‘WUSD looking at possible new school bond or parcel tax measure,’ News-Ledger, Dec. 7)

Now is the time to build the theater for River City High School and the career trade facility for West Sacramento. Whereas the cost of construction in the mid-2000s was high because the economy was booming, now the economy is anemic, contractors are hungry for work, and bids will be very competitive.

  In addition, the costs for the bond will be lower than they were even just four years ago due to lower interest rates, and by the time the theater is actually under construction in 2013, the economy will start to grow and when completed we should actually be in good economic times, which will help with the bond repayments.

When I was on the school board we built the new RCHS and at that time we knew the theater would have to be built at a later time because of the cost. We also knew that a new bond issue would have to be passed in order to build it. The theater site is already planned. The design has already been drawn and does not need much additional work. The students are eager for the theater as is the community.

Now is the time to build.

I would suggest a June 2012 vote and I would encourage the community to support the expansion.

West Sacramento

Suppressing the vote

The party of “I Got Mine But I Want More”, otherwise known as “The Republican Party,” is embarking on a nationwide effort to suppress Democratic voting by passing laws in Republican-controlled areas that impose new and burdensome requirements on voters and voting.  These new laws now require poor people, who usually vote Democratic, to have photo ID’s.

Millions of poor people do not own a car, therefore no driver’s license, no way to get to DMV, no money to spend on anthing but food, etc.  You get the idea.  Republicans have no ideas that work for the vast majority of Americans, so they have to cheat again (remember Bush v Gore) to get back in power.  This present group of leaders in the party of “I Got Mine But I Want More” have shown themselves to be a disgraceful example of how democratic leaders should act, so we need to be very wary when it comes to our civil rights.  These guys have proven to be quite unscrupulous, taking orders from the likes of P.R. pukes like Carl Rove and his ilk.

The suppression of civil rights now being perpetrated on some of our Latino citizens (gang injunction) is an example of what can happen if we are not wary.  I wonder if these folks being locked in their homes still get to vote.  I sure hope so, so they can help us run these Republicans out of town for a while. Our whole American way of life is hanging in the balance in this next election in 2012.  It is important that everybody gets to vote.

Maybe District Attorney Jeff Reisig will enlighten us on this topic.  So far Mr. Reisig has chosen not to answer any of my questions asked of him, including emails to his office.

West Sacramento

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  One Response to “LETTERS TO THE EDITOR”

  1. I would like to point out just a few things on you said.

    1. Millions of poor people do not own a car, therefore no driver’s license, no way to get to DMV – FALSE Many of the people already ride public transportation, so not being able to get there is really not a valid excuse. And a CA ID only costs $10.

    2.No money to spend on anything but food, etc. – FALSE. Although many senior citizens are on a very fixed income, I can tell you that the majority of the “low income” people you are referring to own Xboxes, PS3s and have the NFL package on cable. All this and they can’t find $10 for a CA ID?

    3. I wonder if these folks being locked in their homes still get to vote. – Well… many of those who are on house arrest are Felons and therefore CAN’T vote. The TRUTH of the matter is that people who aren’t doing anything wrong don’t have any reason not to get a CA ID. It is the thugs and bangers that want to hide who they are who rely on the “I have no id” crutch.

    4.Lastly.. Using income or an ID as a defense for not voting is simply weak. Currently there is NO law about IDs and voting, yet in 2010 only 37.8% of the entire US population actually voted. SAD….

    You can keep blaming things on the Republicans and calling names but in the end this country was made great by people (with no political affiliation) who came here with NOTHING but a suitcase and a dream and they made something for themselves. We have so many government programs now that pay people for doing nothing, it is sad. We want the government to do it all for us as we sit on the couch playing Call of Duty and complaining about the haves and have-nots.