Jan 012012

  If you need to publish a “fictitious business name statement” in a Yolo County newspaper, we can help. It’s easy and inexpensive with the News-Ledger. Here’s how you do it:

An example of a stamped & filed Fictitious Business Name Statement in Yolo County. We just need one of these and a check for $39 to publish it for you. Please write your phone number at the top before sending it to us.

An example of a stamped & filed Fictitious Business Name Statement in Yolo County. We just need one of these and a check for $39 to publish it for you. Please write your phone number at the top before sending it to us.

Give us:

1. One of the certified copies of the Fictitious Business Name Statement that you received back from the Yolo County Clerk . Please make sure everything is legible, and please write your phone number near the top (we won’t publish your phone number). If anything may be hard for us to read, especially if it is handwritten, please clarify it in a separate note.

2. A check to the News-Ledger (or money order or cash) for $49.

You can mail it to:


P.O. Box 463

West Sacramento CA 95691

Or you can drop it off here:


1040 West Capitol Avenue, Suite B

West Sacramento CA 95691

(There is a mail slot in the door for after-hours drop-off)

Once you’ve done this, we’ll publish your statement once a week (on Wednesdays) for four consecutive weeks. After that, we will file a “proof of publication” with the County. After that, we’ll send you a copy of that “proof,” stamped by the County, for your files – there’s nothing else for you to do. The County wants you to renew your County filing every five years (when you do, ask them if you need to publish again.)

For most of you, that’s about all you need to know. But below are some of the most commonly asked questions, and their answers:


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

I’m going to mail my order to you, and I live in another town. How do I know you received my order and started publishing it?

If you wish for us to confirm receipt of your order, please include a note asking for confirmation by email, along with your email address. If you need a receipt, please tell us and  include a self-addressed stamped envelope.


How does long does this take?

Once we receive your order, allow about six to eight weeks until you get your final filed “proof of publication” back from us.


I’m worried about the deadline. The County says that “publishing is required within 30 days from the date of filing.”

The County wants you to BEGIN publishing within 30 days of the date you filed with them. If you are going to miss this 30-day window and you want to know if problems may result, it’s best to talk to the County Clerk/Recorder’s office at (530) 666-8130. We can’t give you legal advice, but it’s safe to say that missing their deadline by a little bit does not always cause problems. Situations may vary  And keep in mind that we publish weekly on Wednesdays, and our deadline is prior Friday.


How much does it cost to publish an “Abandonment of Use of Fictitious Business Name” or a “Withdrawal from Use of Fictitious Business Name” statement?

Also $49. Same process.


I am filing more than one name for my business, or more than one name in the ownership.  Does that cost more to publish?

If you are filing different statements, then each different statement costs $49 to publish here.

If you have several names on the same statement (up to five business names and five owners) then it is still $49. If you have more, please call us at (916) 371-8030 or email steve@news-ledger.com for details.


Can I pay by credit card?

We’d prefer that you pay by check, cash or money order.  If you need to pay by credit card, you’ll have to phone directly to Steve at (916) 371-8030 with your card details.  If you’re doing that, you may have to make special arrangements to get us your Fictitious Business Name Statement separately, and we’d really like to avoid that.


Can I email you or fax you my order?

At this time, we don’t have a way to upload both your payment and your Fictitious Business Name Statement (FBNS) at the same time, so we can’t accept the order electronically.  In general, it’s best to mail your FBNS with your payment or drop them off together.   If you’re out of town and you  absolutely must get your FBNS to us by a certain deadline (see the related “deadline” question above) then you may arrange to fax us the FBNS and mail payment immediately after. Call Steve at (916) 371-8030 if you need to do that, but we’d rather avoid it and keep things simple.


Driving directions: how do I get to your office to place an order?

We’re at:

1040 West Capitol Ave., Suite B

West Sacramento.

We’re generally open weekdays 10-5, but we’re a small office and sometimes we step out. There is a mail slot in the door. Feel free to call first, (916) 371-8030. We don’t keep much change.

General driving instructions from US 50 (the freeway between downtown Sacramento and Davis):

— Take the Jefferson Boulevard exit in West Sacramento and go north, driving back under the freeway.

— Turn right at West Capitol Avenue (Walgreens, Chase Bank)

— Go past city hall (it’s on your left, with three tall flagpoles)

— Immediately after that, there will be a traffic light at Merkley. Turn left there and drive in past the Subway sandwich shop. Continue in to the next small office building. We’re there.


How do I find out more about filing a Fictitious Business Name Statement with Yolo County?

Contact them here:

Yolo County Clerk/Recorder

625 Court St, Room B-01 (downstairs)

Woodland CA 95695

(530) 666-8130

Yolo County’s specific web page on this subject is: http://www.yolorecorder.org/recording/fictitious/publication/



P.O. Box 463

1040 W Capitol Ave. Suite B

West Sacramento CA 95691

(916) 371-8030