Feb 232012

This sign may soon mark the ‘home of the Raiders’ if plans proceed to construct it in front of River City High School in Southport (schematic is from Thursday’s staff report to the Washington Unified School District board of trustees)


The local school board will meet Thursday at 6 p.m. at city hall to discuss a variety of issues, including the “roller coaster ride” in the district’s budget resulting from a troubled state budget. The Washington Unified School District is planning another round of reductions.

Also on the agenda will be:

— Consideration of whether to extend the charter of the West Sacramento Early College Prep  charter school. A state association of charter schools has suggested that the local academy be shut down for underperformance.

Board President Teresa Blackmer told the News-Ledger earlier this month she had not made her own mind up on whether to vote to renew the school’s charter.

— Results of the district’s public opinion poll. WUSD had hired a consultant to talk to West Sacramento voters and find out how receptive the public might be to a November school bond or parcel tax measure, aimed at helping to “complete” River City High School and possibly advance some other district-wide projects.

— Review of a proposed “marquee” sign for River City High School, marking the campus at the entrance from Jefferson boulevard to Raider Lane. The district is also working on design of a second sign within the parking lot shared by RCHS administration and the neighboring city recreation center, steering visitors to each facility.

EDITOR’S NOTE: an earlier version of this article misstated the last name of board president Teresa Blackmer, transposing it with that of fellow board member David Westin. The News-Ledger regrets the error.

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  2 Responses to “School board items include discussion of whether to re-approve charter school”

  1. I’m not actually trying to be a nuisance, I’m just posing as one. The name of the president of the school board is Teresa Blackmer, not Teresa Westin. The former president was Mr. Westin, and he’s still on the school board.

  2. extravatrek:

    You are correct again. . . we dropped in Dave Westin’s last name by mistake, and it has been fixed above. We’ll respond to it in the print edition as well.

    Thanks for the sharp eyes.

    By the way, Dave Westin and Teresa Blackmer seemed to have a good sense of humor about this typo when we chatted briefly at the board meeting last night, with Teresa joking that she and Dave weren’t really married.