Jun 212012


By Steve Marschke
News-Ledger Editor

A Park Boulevard house had an unwelcome intruder on Friday night – a Toyota Rav4, to be specific.

Just after 11 p.m., West Sacramento police responded to the home on the 1800-block of Park for the report of a traffic collision.

“A vehicle had struck a parked car and then a residence,” said Sgt. Nathan Steele of the West Sacramento Police Department. “It struck the laundry room, breaking through the exterior wall and hitting a washer and dryer. It apparently caused a gas leak.”

  Two people were in the house, he added, but neither was hurt.

The driver of the Toyota, 21-year old Mahlon Pick of West Sacramento, was arrested for suspected DUI and for driving with a suspended license. He and a female passenger mentioned they felt some pain after the collisions, but neither asked to be taken to the hospital.

“Witnesses reported the vehicle was driving at a high rate of speed prior to the collision,” Steele told the News-Ledger. “The suspect was traveling southbound on Park, crossed to one side of the roadway and almost hit a tree, then counter-steered to the other side and collided with the rear of the vehicle and struck the house.”

    The vehicle that was struck, a Honda belonging to the same victims, suffered major damage like the house, said Steele.

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