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Contractors working for the City of West Sacramento are working on streets, sidewalks and gutters in a neighborhood near Meadow Road. The project is funded by local sales tax dollars and federal money (News-Ledger photo)


By Steve Marschke
News-Ledger Editor

Residents of the Westmore Oaks area will see some digging, scraping and pouring happening on their local streets for a couple more months. Streets such as Meadow Road, Westacre Road and Fernwood Street are seeing their streets and sidewalks fixed, and their sidwalks brought into compliance with the Americans for Disabilities Act (ADA).

It’s part of the “Westmore Oaks Street Rehabilitation Project,” said Vin Cay, the project manager for the work in the West Sacramento Public Works Department.

“Basically, we’re resurfacting the roads,” Cay told the News-Ledger. “Primarily, it’s slurry seal, but we have to do certain ADA concrete work, installing access ramps at all intersections and curb returns. On the bigger streets, like Westacre from US 50 to Park Boulebvard, we’re going to repair two inches of the AC (asphalt/concrete).”

“If there are any sunken curbs and gutters, or sidewalks raised by trees, we will try to hit those first.”

  “In some instances, you may see curbs and sidewalks that don’t meet ADA standards, and we’re going to have to replace them,” added Cay. “If you’re rolling (a wheelchair) and it’s to steep on the sideways grade, it’s hard to roll.”

“We hope to finish in early November,” he said.

The project has been publicized on the city website and the contractor is expected to keep passing out flyers along affected streets as work continues. The project is funded by a federal grant and by Measure K, a local measure in which West Sacramento residents agreed to pay a sales tax surcharge to fund local projects.

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  2 Responses to “Central West Sac area sees roadwork”

  1. While our neighborhood roadways, sidewalks and curbs could definitely use a face lift, the city should have started the project on the streets closest to Westmore Oaks long before school started. The first few weeks of school have been utter chaos with the mix of cars, kids walking to school, construction equipment, ditches in the roadways, cones everywhere and piles of asphalt just dumped in the road. The safety of the kids walking to school was compromised as they had to walk in the street to avoid all of the ditches and closed off sidewalks and it only put their lives in danger. I saw several near misses with regards to cars almost hitting kids. In my opinion (and many WMO parents agree with me), it was irresponsible for the city to plan this construction with school in session. They could have easily started the project at the beginning of summer break and it would have been completed well enough in advance prior to the start of school. Shame on you City of West Sacramento for putting our kids lives in danger.

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