Oct 142012


The Yolo County Elections DepartmentĀ  has verified that there are enough valid signatures on that petition challenging the appointment of Elizabeth Bagdazian to a vacant school board seat. Her school board term has been terminated, and the WUSD school board will be required to call for a special election to fill the seat.

The Washington Unified School District has issued a statement thanking Bagdazian for her service.

The petition was the subject of an article in the current edition (Oct. 10) of the News-Ledger newspaper.

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  4 Responses to “Petition succeeds, election to be called”

  1. Really what a enormous waste of money – does the mayor need to have such control he will waste money on a special election. Where is the fiscal responsibility!

  2. Erica Scoggins

    Imagine all of the money that could have been saved if only the applicants had been disclosed to the public from the very beginning. I don’t see the fault falling on the Mayor, but rather the school district.

  3. Erica, according to the bylaws the board was not required to release any names ahead of time. It was there choice to make that list available and ultimately their choice to choose a candidates. Even if that list had been released no one had the choice but the board to chose a candidate. Period. Perla is right, it is a huge waste of money for this special election which will one way or another come out of our children’s pocket. I’m sorry but that is unacceptable. It’s also a huge embarrassment for our city to have our mayor stomping his feet and throwing a tantrum all because one of his candidates was not chosen for that board position.

  4. The process as done following the letter of the law. The Superintendent is the one that chose not to give the News Ledger a list of the applicants, not the school board. The interviews were done in open session with an agenda that was posted 2 weeks in advance of the meeting. The same process was used as the city council used to fill their vacant seat years ago. The mayor has admitted that the special election would not be taking place if his candidate had been given the appointment. Since the mayor pushed to get the special election and he seems to have no problems squeezing the developers for money, maybe he can pay for the special election. And by the way, I personally begrudge that the mayor is using city hall which my tax dollars help pay for to recruit someone to fill the open seat this March. The mayor should be working as a partner with the school district instead of meddling in their affairs, using special interest money to get his candidates elected and taking advantage of the school district and its assets. It is supposed to be a give and take relationship, not just all take. The mayor needs to become a team player and quit being a dictator. The future of our students is at stake.