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    The below joke was originally made up at the expense of women of a certain hair color. It’s been “corrected” below:

    The local rich ditz was shopping for alligator leather shoes, and becoming very frustrated with both the price of the shoes and with the attitude of the snooty shoe saleswoman. The ditz declared “Well then, I’ll just go out and catch my own alligator, and I’ll get my own pair of alligator shoes for free!”

    The saleswoman gave her a smug smile and said, “Yeah, lady, why don’t you just go and give that a try?”

    The ditz stormed out the door.

    Later in the day, the saleswoman was driving home when she spotted the customer off to the side of the road, standing knee-deep in the local swamp, shotgun at ready. Stopping her car, the saleswoman saw a huge nine-foot gator swimming right for the young woman when “Bam!” The ditz had raised the gun barrel in one quick motion and shot the gator in the forehead.

    The saleswoman was stunned.

    She watched speechless as the young woman in the swamp swung the alligator’s tail over her shoulder and dragged it up the riverbank — where there was a row of six other freshly-dispatched gators.

    The shocked shoe saleswoman watched as the young hunter flipped the latest gator over onto its back.

    Then she heard her yell in frustration, “Darn! This one is barefoot, too!”

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