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    We published an article Oct. 12 in the News-Ledger talking about plans to start working on a new phase of levee improvements in Southport. We put the article online here on Oct. 14 (see our home page, and scroll, if necessary).
    The city is aiming for a 1-in-200 chance of a big flood any given year, but the odds are probably higher at the moment.
    We’re wondering:
    How worried are you about a flood? If you own property, do you carry flood insurance? Do you regard a flood as inevitable in West Sacramento?
    We may borrow your reply for a future News-Ledger article.


    Marsha Beebe

    I am worried about a flood in West Sac about as much as I am worried about a big bag of money hitting me on the head. I do carry flood insurance. The ONLY reason I carry it is because if I don’t and FEMA remaps us into a flood zone, the premium for my mandatory flood insurance will go up an ungodly amount. My decision to carry flood insurance is 100% financial. I am having a hard time finding out what the status of the mapping is. I’d love to cancel the insurance but it’s a crap-shoot right now until FEMA graces us with final decision. Marsha Beebe, Southport


    Eric Harding

    I am now!

    Just received the “Living with Levees: Know Your Flood Risk” flyer in the mail and according to my house will be under 3 feet of water.



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