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    Eric Harding

    As expected I guess, the smell from the waterways has returned, as it does every spring and fall. But knowing what it is does not really help. It still smells.

    Closing the windows again :-(


    Omar Noorzai

    You are right IT STINKS again!! I think it should be fixed, just because we know why it smells it does not make it OK……
    BTW I think someone or some company is making some money based on inaction!!!

    But can we do? Do we have any way to influence or fix this situation?


    Eric Harding

    I’m not sure what we can do. I think the city or county has some responsibility here, but they basically are saying, it’s a natural occurring odor, and we need to tuff it out.

    Who is responsible for water management in the area? Maybe they are the next step?

    I don’t think any oneis making money off inaction, but I think the city or county or state is saving money by ignoring the problem.


    Eric Harding

    Below is an email (from the Bridgeway Lakes Neighborhood Watch) describing the problem an a possible way to minimize it in future

    “For those of you noticing a foul smell in the air or new to the neighborhood, I’ve been told the bad smell is due to 2 related reasons. The first reason is the seasons changing (temperatures dropping in fall and rising in summer) causing the lakes to “turn over” (see the basic description at the first weblink below). This basically means the cold water on top sinks to the bottom and the warmer water rises to the top causing a release of sulfer gases from the rotting vegetation sitting at the bottom of the drainage canals/lakes. I’ve also heard that it’s due to lower water levels in the drainage canals which expose the rotting vegetation on the bottom of the canals/lake. Bottom line is you can expect this to happen twice a year (late summer and early fall) but it eventually subsides.

    Keeping our canals free from vegetation can help reduce the amount of organic matter decaying so if you see any weeds/cat tails growing, feel free to let the City know so they can remove/spray for them and try to keep vegetation growth under control. The City has reasons for allowing cat tails/tule to grow so they may not all disappear. Some of their reasons is to help prevent erosion and provide a place for birds/fish to live/hide.

    Submit a Service Request with City Hall by using the link on the website below.



    Eric Harding

    Here is a link to the news story about the smell in the pocket neighborhood and blaming West Sac!


    me thinks they doth protest to much :)

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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