Toddler survives fall from apartment window

News-Ledger  – March 30, 2011

  Without that awning, it could have been a lot worse: a local two-year old is recovering after a fall from a second-story window Monday evening. The accident happened at the Holly Court apartments on Maple Street.

   “The two-year old girl was in the living room of an apartment on the second floor,” said Lieutenant Tod Sockman of the West Sacramento Police Department. “They were all hanging out watching TV, and the girl was standing on the couch. The window was open, but the screen was on. She fell back through the screen. Luckily, there was an awning below, and it sort of broker her fall before she rolled off and hit the ground.”

“She suffered a head injury that is not being described as major, and had to be taken to the hospital.”

But besides that and some crying, the girl seems to be okay.

The parents are not being blamed by police.

“It’s not any kind of neglect issue as far as we see,” Sockman said.

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