Helicopter, K9 unit called for fleeing parolee

News-Ledger web article
April 22, 2011

This press release is just in from the West Sacramento Police Department:

“On April 21, 2011 at approximately 9:20 pm, the West Sacramento Police Department responded to 700 block of Hardy Dr. for an assault in progress.  As officers were responding the Community Response Team (CRT) was in the area patrolling, unrelated to this event.  CRT officers saw a Hispanic male adult running down the 700 block of Hardy Dr.   CRT officers heard the radio call and recognized the Hispanic male as Israel Mendoza, 26 years who is on active parole.  Mendoza continued to run away as CRT officers began to chase on foot.  Other responding officers quickly arrived and contained Mendoza, who jumped up on a nearby roof top.  It was determined that Mendoza had brandished and threatened his girlfriend with a kitchen knife, prior to fleeing and officer’s arrival. State parole was contacted and a hold was placed on Mendoza.

“A K9 officer from West Sacramento and Sacramento Police Departments were on-scene to assist.  The Sacramento Sheriff Helicopter was also used because of the high location of Mendoza on the roof top.  The West Sacramento Fire Department was also called to assist with a ladder if needed.

“As the Sacramento Sheriff Helicopter voiced K9 announcements, Mendoza jumped from the roof top and surrendered to awaiting officers.  Mendoza was arrested and later booked into the Yolo County Jail for several Felony charges and a state parole hold.”

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