Suspects nabbed for fuel theft

Suspects' Ford Econoline van, with fuel storage tank inside almost full of liquid (Courtesy of West Sacramento Police Department)

May 13, 2011
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  Editor’s note: Regular readers of the News-Ledger’s print edition may remember an article several weeks ago reporting that thieves were brazenly stealing hundreds of gallons of fuel at a time from parked trucks and even from closed gas stations. Sharp-eyed readers may also have noticed one particular item in our “Police Log” page of May 11, 2011, in which police responded to a witness’s report that some people in a van were running a hose to a fuel tank at a business on Cebrian Street.
  A press release from the police department today tells us how that story ended.

Press release from the West Sacramento Police Department, May 13, 2011:

West Sacramento Fuel Theft Investigation Results in Arrests  “On 5/7/2011, West Sacramento PD Officers responded to a possible fuel theft in the 1200 block of Cebrian Street, West Sacramento CA. A witness observed a van with a hose coming from the bottom at the fuel pumps. Responding officers located the vehicle leaving the location and conducted a vehicle stop. The van, a white Ford Econoline van was found to have two fuel containers totaling approximately 497 gallons of diesel and pump inside the van.  Two suspects, J-Uan Parker 18 years old of Sacramento and Raynard Dotes Jr. 19 years old of Sacramento were arrested and booked at the Yolo County Jail on charges of burglary and grand theft. Both have since been release on bail.

“On 5/12/2011, as a result of the ongoing investigation, West Sacramento Police Detectives served a search warrant at a location in the 600 Block of Galveston Street in West Sacramento CA.  The search warrant service resulted in the seizure of approximately 1800 gallons of diesel suspected of being stolen by the suspects.  The approximate total amount of fuel recovered is 2297 gallons with an approximate value of $9,900.  This investigation and arrests are the result of the team effort by the businesses in the area, the West Sacramento Police Department, the West Sacramento Fire Department and members of the fuel transportation industry.  The investigation is ongoing. If anyone has information related to fuel thefts in West Sacramento or this investigation, please contact the West Sacramento Police Department Investigations Division at (916) 617-4900 or email the Crime Tip email address at”

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