Farmers Market: a good start

Fresh cherries change hands at opening night of the new West Sacramento Farmers Market, operating on Thursday evenings at 1271 West Capitol Avenue. (NEWS-LEDGER PHOTO)


By Steve Marschke
News-Ledger Editor

There were a lot of smiles in the crowd as hundreds of locals converged on opening day of the new West Sacramento Farmers Market on Thursday. Shoppers had a chance to buy fresh tomatoes, cherries, mushrooms, bread, apple juice, steaks, and a lot more – straight from the folks who grew them or made them.

Visitors could also pick up some strawberry shortcake, hot dogs, Indian food or other ready-to-eat chow from several vendors at the West Capitol Avenue site, or just sit and tap their toes to the tunes of Mike McGowan and the Mighty Delta Roadmasters on stage live.

CINDY TUTTLE (a former mayor of West Sacramento) delivers vocals for 'Mike McGowan and the Mighty Delta Roadmasters' on stage at the market. Geoff Goodman is on harmonica, and McGowan (the city's county supervisor) is at left on the drums. NEWS-LEDGER PHOTO

Several vendors told the News-Ledger that it was a promising start for the new market.

“For the first day, it’s been great,” said Andrew Tescher of Lucky Dog Ranch. Tescher was selling meat products in a booth shared with Jocelyn Brooks of Cache Creek Meat Company, who offered Cornish game hens and other poultry.

Len Strickland, president of the Rotary Club of West Sacramento, praised the chamber of commerce, which organized the market.

“This is awesome,” said Strickland. “This is a lot of pent-up frustration you see here. People have been waiting for this to happen,” he added, gesturing at the crowds around him.

“Kudos to Denice (Seals, the chamber C.E.O.) and her staff.”

Commented Heather Moore on the News-Ledger’s Facebook page:

“I was quite impressed. It will be nice to watch the market grow each week. I look forward to many more trips and hopefully more venders. And maybe a few more bike racks.”

Vendors Andrew Tescher and Jocelyn Brooks told the News-Ledger that it was a good first day for sales, and that they plan to return to the West Sacramento market (NEWS-LEDGER PHOTO)


The crowd relaxes near the bandstand


TWO CUSTOMERS: Armando Omega & Len Strickland, who are the presidents of the city's two chapters of the Rotary Club (NEWS-LEDGER PHOTO)

Said organizer Denice Seals, on Facebook:

“Now that Mother Nature is co-operating, I’m looking forward to the market expanding every week as production increases!”

Opening day featured about 30 vendors on the site on West Capitol Avenue near city hall. The market returns from 4:30 p.m. to dusk Thursday at the lot behind Walgreens.

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