Judge approves anti-gang injunction

News-Ledger Web articleJune 20, 2011

After five months of trial ending in December, Yolo County Superior Court Judge Kathleen White last week issued a “gang injunction” against the Broderick Boys gang in northern West Sacramento.

Some community members had argued against the need for a gang injunction.

Judge White said that she “found the testimony of the victims and percipient witnesses to the crimes during the trial particularly credible and compelling.”

And while she also found credible the testimony by opponents of the injunction that West Sacramento’s north area was “a community with strong family ties,” she “found less credible the testimony of these defense witnesses as to the nonexistence of the Broderick Boys gang.”

The injunction affects a zone bounded by Harbor Boulevard on the west, the river on the north, and by US 50, Business 80 and the Tower Bridge approach to the south. Excluded from the zone is the “Rivers” partially-gated subdivision.

Those determined to be gang members are prevented from a number of activities — some of which they would otherwise be entitled to under Constitutional protection.

They’re prohibited from associating with each other in public (with exceptions such as attending school or church) or from being on public property between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. They also face enhanced penalties for violations such as trespassing, graffiti or drugs or weapons charges.

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