He wins $300K and still reports for work on the graveyard shift


Someone bought a $301,451 lottery ticket from Southport Deli (3360 Jefferson Blvd.) on July 7, but for several days, no one knew who.

On July 12, the winner showed up with hist ticket, reports the California Lottery.

Frank Downs, a machinist from West Sacramento, came forward to claim his winning MEGA Millions ticket from last Friday night’s draw.

Downs said he just checked the ticket last night and what he did next is probably pretty common, although not everyone would admit it… “Lots of expletives,” he said. And what did he do after realizing he was $300,000 richer? “I put the ticket in the safe and went to work,” said Downs, who works the graveyard shift. Downs, who has been married 27 years, plans to buy his wife a new car and pay off some debt. “We’re still deciding how to tell our kids – maybe we’ll just let them read about us in the newspaper.”

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