Automatic weapon likely used on Proctor Avenue home


  Editor’s note: This article is an updated and corrected version of an article published in our print edition on Aug. 31.

  We received new information after going to press. Unlike the shooting on West Capitol Avenue on Aug. 27 that left a man dead, there was no press release (and little or know attention in the regional media) about the following incident on Proctor Avenue the same week. It took a little longer for the News-Ledger to get the basic information.

Somebody shot up an occupied house on Proctor Avenue and then got away at about 10 p.m. on Thursday night. No one was hurt.

“Basically, a person walked up to the house and fired off a high powered weapon,” said Lieutenant Scott McCartney of the West Sacramento Police Department.

The shooting may have been connected to arguments that the resident had had earlier with another person, who is a suspect, McCartney told the News-Ledger. As of yesterday, no arrests had been reported.

The shooting occurred  on the 1800-block of Proctor.

Lieutenant Tod Sockman of the West Sacramento Police Department told the News-Ledger that the shooting happened after three male suspects arrived in a vehicle.

“The resident of the home was in the front yard on the porch, and saw three people sneaking up on the house. One person popped up behind the vehicle and shot at him with dozens of rounds. Based on the volume of rounds fired on this house, it was likely an automatic weekend. We found dozens of shell casings.”

That would explain why at least one witness reported that it sounded like “machine gun” fire.

“There were at least three people in the house,” Sockman added, “and this included a baby. No one was hit.”

Sockman said that police were on the scene within “about 30 seconds,” but the suspects had left in the vehicle.

The investigation is continuing.

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