A ‘kid extraordinnaire’

JAKE MANNING: an act of kindness to a stranger

  (Editor’s note: The News-Ledger is trying a new feature today – a profile of a remarkable youth, from time to time.)

SEPT. 14, 2011

By Anita Varney

Jake Manning, a ten-year old from West Sacramento, qualifies as this week’s “Kid Extraordinaire.”

Recently, he was in downtown Sacramento with his mother and sister. Jake passed by a homeless man. Most people didn’t acknowledge the man, but Jake was troubled by what he saw. When they got to their car, Jake asked his mother if he could give the man some of his allowance money. His mother agreed, and Jake took the money he had been saving for a new video game and gave it to the homeless man.

Jake was asked if he had a message for others.

“Yes, to help people who need it!” he said. They might have gotten fired from a really big job by not giving the boss something, or something (else). Help others, not just homeless people, but people who have lost their houses and jobs.”

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