Flags go up for 9/11 memorial

JOHN & SUSAN VINSON. Near their feet are some of the nearly-3,000 miniature flags special to the display this year, honoring each victim of 9/11. (Photos by Eric Harding, www.ebharding.com)


SEPT 14, 2011

The flags went back up from Friday to Sunday to commemorate 9/11.
The display, at the corner of South River Road and Jefferson Boulevard in Southport, was the work of John Vinson. He’s put up a flag display every year since 9/11.

This year, in addition to several hundred large flags, Vinson put up nearly 3,000 miniature flags – a memorial for each of the victims of the terrorist attacks of September 11.

  Vinson is a retired state worker and a general contractor. When he started the memorial project, he was a West Sacramento resident, but he now lives across the river. Still, the annual display continued.

“It’s become a thing people in West Sacramento expect,” he told the News-Ledger.

He may be right.

When the News-Ledger put a short description of the flag project on its Facebook page on the Internet last week, 19 people hit the “like” button for that story. Several more left positive comments, such as these two:

“We stop and see this every year. We stop and see this every year. Awesome that Mr. Vinson has added the 3000 flags for the victims in honor of the 10th anniversary.” And:

“Amazing to see.”

A mannequin representing an exhausted New York City firefighter sits in vigil at the flag display in Southport (Eric Harding photo)

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