Work day at Rotary’s park


Tim Carnahan (right) joined fellow members from the city’s two Rotary clubs on Saturday morning, sprucing up a small park the organization has adopted across from the Safeway complex on Jefferson Road. Several dozen showed up, trimming shrubs, raking leaves and otherwise tidying the spot up.
Club member Dan Ramos said one of the goals was to ready the site for a new ‘kinetic sculpture’ that Rotary would soon install at the park.
The city has two Rotary chapters — one with an early morning meeting time every week, and the other with a lunchtime meeting schedule. Did the lunchtime chapter have any trouble getting to the work party at 9:00 on Saturday morning?

“Well, more of that group did show up a bit later,” allowed Don Schatzel.

— News-Ledger photo & information

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