HOMECOMING: A report from River City High School

PRINCE/PRINCESS: Juan Lazcano, Angelica Carter

By Sam Urrea, Staff Writer
RCHS School Newspaper,
“Ou[RC}ity News”
(Featured in the Oct. 5, 2011, News-Ledger)

It is the start of the school year. Students struggle to find activities that they can begin looking forward to. Football season is just starting, yet some students continue to dwell on the realization that summer has just departed. That is, however, until homecoming time comes along. This year was no different at River City High School.

  This year’s homecoming excitement started out with the traditional celebration of spirit week. Students showed their passion and togetherness for the school as well as their respective grade by following the school curriculum of dressing up as something different each day of the week prior to the dance the subsequent Saturday.

Students from every class were nominated and voted on throughout the week to decide who the school would choose as their homecoming count, countess, duke, duchess, prince, princess and lastly king and queen.

KING & QUEEN: Andrew Rodriguez & Elysia Sevilla

The big announcements were made during the halftime show of the River City vs. El Dorado football game, an encounter dominated by the home team, from start to finish, which ended with the score of 65-12. The passion shown by the players on the field was reflected on the happiness of the attending students, parents and staff.

River City local Kyra Dixon believes she knows exactly why the homecoming game brings out that spirit and passion shared throughout the event more than any other football occasion in the school calendar.

“The game is just so fun. You get to see who won the royalty nominations and hang out with your friends in a happy environment. I also see a lot of people I usually don’t see anywhere else, so you can tell it is an event not many people want to miss out on,” she explained.

Student Jimmy Landis confessed he is not a regular attendant of school-related affairs and pinpointed family tradition as the reason for attending the game.

“I never really attend any school events that happen outside of school. But the homecoming game is tradition for my family because my dad went to River City, so we usually come every year,” he said.

He also believes that seeing the school so united in promoting these events attracts him to the occasion as well. He continued, “This game seems more exciting for everyone, which is probably why so many more people come to it. I have to say it is nice to see.”

The royalty nominations were won by McHenry Choo and Daisy Maya as count and countess, Eric Beall and Sarah Risher as duke and duchess, Juan Lazcano and Angelica Carter as prince and princess, while Andrew Rodriguez and Elysia Sevilla attained the most coveted accolade of all, king and queen.

Judging by the crowd’s reaction, it appeared as if these were everyone’s favored choices, even to some neutrals, which only added more to the excitement and passion being shown by the students. The dance the following night was described as “a success.” Given that the festivities were filled with jovial participation and unforgettable memories, calling this year’s homecoming celebrations at River City High “a success” could be perceived as an understatement.

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