Drive-through fast food coming to Southport

NEWS-LEDGER — NOV 9, 2011 —

Southport will soon have a couple more fast food restaurants, and these will come with drive-through lanes.

Both are planned for the Lowe’s shopping center on the 2200-block of Lake Washington Boulevard, west of Jefferson. First in line is a Taco Bell, said David Tilley, Senior Planner for the City of West Sacramento.

“Certainly I would expect the Taco Bell to be open by the end of the year,” he estimated. “Right next door is a McDonalds. Both of them would be drive-throughs.”

The burger place is not quite as advanced in construction.

Also in progress on the fast food scene in town is a Subway’s, moving in to the former “Blue Blizz” site next to city hall on the 1000-block of West Capitol. That sandwich shop will move from its present location in the Washington neighborhood near the Tower and I Street bridges.

Some of the other local restaurants to open in West Sacramento already in 2011 include The Eatery, a bistro-style restaurant in Southport near Nugget, and a Squeeze Inn hamburger shop on Harbor Boulevard south of the freeway.

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One Response to Drive-through fast food coming to Southport

  1. Erica Scoggins says:

    I have been patiently waiting for a fast-food joint to come closer to the Southport area since I moved here in 2005 so when I noticed the start of the building I was very happy. Although there are plenty not too far away, sometimes it seems like more work than it’s worth to drive over to Harbor or the West Capitol area.

    I’m hoping they decide to keep the Subway in The Town Center and open a secondary one on West Capitol so that we can still have a local sandwich option that is convenient to us in Southport. A Togo’s nearby would be nice too!

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