YOUR VOICES: U-Haul sign too tall?

U-Haul, West Capitol Avenue (2010 News-Ledger file photo)


On Feb. 8, the News-Ledger published a story detailing how U-Haul was taking the City of West Sacramento to court in a challenge to the city’s sign ordinance. The ordinance — phased in 20 years — declares the West Capitol Avenue rental company’s pole sign is just too tall and must go.

Last week on our Facebook page, we asked for your views. Here are most of your responses:

Robert Stroy: I think if the signs are well kept they should stay no matter the size. signs are often a great business boomer and the City should respect and encourage these types things and leave well enough alone.

Debbie Norton Johnson: West Capitol looks so much better now that it isn’t littered with signs of all shapes, sizes and quality. Every other business has taken the 20 years (very reasonable time frame) to change their signage – except UHAUL.

I’ve never understood why they couldn’t lower the big letters about half way in size. It is a monstrosity. The argument that people won’t be able to find it, doesn’t ring true for me because every truck on the property says UHAUL. I like seeing the trees and the nice sidewalks and landscaping down parts of West Cap and would love to see the whole Ave beautified.

Eve Westvik: I think the city totally turned the Avenue into a dull, uninteresting strip with no character. I don’t even recognize the place anymore, it’s so soulless now. A boulevard as wide as that needs something to give it personality or everything just fades into the background. It’s no wonder there are few businesses of note there anymore. . . Thank goodness a large corporation actually wants to do business in West Sacramento. It looks better than the crummy little restaurants and liquor stores that now dot the Avenue here and there.

Shannon Gentry: Have they already removed it??The city needs to find something better to cry about…. The people do – like their depleating paychecks and increased everything else…. And you want to focus such an amount of energy on a “too high” sign that’s been a staple for SO MANY years…

Cynthia ‘Cindi’ Islas: Who cares about the sign, get rid of the crappy, run down motels that consistently have garbage, matresses, tires, and overgrown weeds all around them. Fight a battle that will actually IMPROVE West Capital and Merkely cause right now, it’s a big fat FAIL!

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