Planners choose cell tower design

Computer rendering: proposed cell phone ‘water tower’ is at left, near Tower Mart and Wicked West BBQ & Pizza (from a City of West Sacramento staff report)

NEWS-LEDGER — APRIL 11, 2012 —

By Steve Marschke
News-Ledger Editor

A water tower it is.

West Sacramento’s planning commission on Thursday voted unanimously in favor of making a new Southport cell phone tower look like a water tower – an allusion to the region’s agricultural heritage.

Nixed were proposed designs in the form of a tree or a windmill.

The 80-foot tower is planned for 3200 Jefferson Blvd., near Tower Mart and Linden Road, with both homes and businesses as its neighbors. The Vista Towers facility expects to serve Verizon, AT&T, MetroPCS and Clearview wireless internet.

“I would expect the tower could be up this summer, probably in the July-August time frame,” West Sacramento senior planner David Tilley told the News-Ledger. “The carriers could be operating maybe 30 to 45 days after the water tower is built.”

Some design details remain:

“The only other aspect we have to work out is what kind of mural or treatment will be put on the tower itself,” said Tilley. “Something artistic. The community was very favorable to something of an agrarian nature, hopefully something made to look old rather than new.”

The antennas will be hidden inside the structure.

Tilley said it took five hearings and a community meeting to get to Thursday’s approval.

Meanwhile, a planned AT&T cell phone tower to serve the Bridgeway Lakes and Bridgeway Island area near Marshall Road and Southport Parkway is showing “no movement,” said Tilley.

But he expects that this second tower – planned in the shape of a eucalyptus tree – will still be needed by AT&T, since the Jefferson Boulevard tower won’t be close enough for full coverage.

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