Dog sought after Madrone Ave bite


The animal services division of the Yolo County sheriff’s department is looking for a dog involved in a biting incident on April 15 in West Sacramento.

The sheriff’s office reports that a female victim was sitting on her porch on the 1600 block of Madrone Avenue at about 5 p.m. when a “golden retriever”-type dog came around the corner of the house and attacked, before running off towards Westacre Road. A search didn’t turn up the dog.

Typically, a dog involved in a bite needs to be checked for rabies so that the victim doesn’t have to undergo unnecessary and painful rabies treatment.

The sheriff’s office added that allowing a dog to run unattended is a misdemeanor, and the animal services division plans to increase its enforcement with a “zero tolerance” program for owners.

At the same time the sheriff’s office announced it was looking for the West Sacramento dog, it reported it was also seeking dogs involved in biting attacks in Woodland and DavisĀ  on April 12 and 14.

Anyone with information on the involved dogs or their owners is asked to call (530) 668-5287 (24 hours/day) or email

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