Causeway closed after shots fired

UPDATE: 12:35 P.M.:  Authorities are reopening the Yolo Causeway at this time, although it isn’t known how quickly traffic will return to normal as thousands of trapped motorists begin filtering through in both directions. The second vehicle hijacked by the gunman was found in the Arden Arcade area of Sacramento, and he was last seen there with a rifle and is still being sought.
The incident began with the gunman firing shots at employees of B&R Head & Block Repair on Harbor Boulevard in West Sacramento. The gunman then hijacked a car at gunpoint near Harbor and West Capitol, crashed on the Causeway, reportedly pistol-whipped a bird-watcher and may have hot-wired a tractor before stealing the Ford F150 found later in Sacramento.
 —UPDATE: 11:11 a.m. APRIL 20: Police are searching vehicle-by-vehicle along the freeway in both directions, as drivers are stopped and waiting to cross the causeway, to make sure the suspect is not hidden in any cars or trucks. When they finish searching, traffic will be allowed to resume. Drivers are advised to keep their doors locked and continue waiting.
The suspect may be in a brown Ford F150 pickup truck with California plates 8N44911.
A man is believed to have fired shots at a Harbor Boulevard repair shop, then hijacked a vehicle from a citizen near West Captiol Avenue. He reportedly fired at West Sacramento police as he escaped in the stolen vehicle westbound onto the causeway.
The Yolo Causeway — the only direct route between Sacramento, Davis and the Bay Area — has been closed since the incident about 7 a.m. this morning as law enforcement personnel looked for the suspect.
Meanwhile, the suspect is believed to have been involved in a second carjacking near the River Road and County Road 127. The suspect is described as a white male in his 20s.  No one is reported seriously injured, although the second carjack victim was hit in the head.
The News-Ledger has received  reports of slow, impacted traffic on one of the alternative routes between West Sacramento/Sacramento and the west, as hundreds of extra vehicles are using detours through Woodland.
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