18 arrests in gang/drug operation


The office of Attorney General Kamala D. Harris announced today the conclusion of an operation combating gangs and narcotics trafficking in the West Sacramento, Sacramento and Roseville areas.

  Over 100 law enforcement officers participated through the Yolo County Narcotics Enforcement Team (YONET) — a coalition led by the state department of justice and which includes the West Sacramento Police Department and other Yolo-area agencies.

“The investigation resulted in 18 arrests, four guns, body armor, a stun gun, and drugs,” said a press release from Harris’s office. “Everyone arrested will be booked into Yolo County Jail.”

In West Sacramento, the operation was called “Operation Red Sash,” “because of the Northern Riders and Broderick Boys criminal street gang affiliation with the color red and Nortenos street gang,” the news release added. The operation “targeted mid-level to high-level members who were distributors of illegal narcotics.”

Arrests were made for felony charges related to narcotics trafficking, conspiracy to traffic, and participation in a street gang.

“Today’s operation will cripple these street gangs and their criminal enterprise network,” said Harris’s office.

No details were provided on the identification of those arrested.

The operation began in November, said the attorney general’s office.

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