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Go Navy!
I enjoyed the well-written article by Sam Urrea, a RCHS journalism student (News-Ledger, April 25), concerning Kai Hinton being selected to go to the United States Naval Academy. My best wishes to Kai for this incredible journey he is about to undertake.

  In reading the article, memories came back to me about my grandson, Michael “Mike” Fonbuena. Mike is a graduate of RCHS and also a graduate of the United States Naval Academy. He is currently a naval officer stationed in San Diego and has received numerous commendations and promotions. For your readers who went to school with Mike, they might like to know that he participated in the sea rescue of a boatload of people fleeing Somalia to have a better life. The engines on their boat had stopped operating and they were adrift.
While Mike was at the Academy, I visited him at the “Yard,” which is what the Academy location is called, and I was so impressed with the surroundings and especially with Mike’s devotion to honor.
Kai’s family will enjoy the same experiences. Oh, by the way, Go Navy!
Benicia, CA


Pets are good for you
It is well known that owning a pet has many health benefits.
A pet reduces stress, lowers your blood pressure , fights depression and improves your social life.
At the Yolo County Animal Shelter there are many animals waiting for their forever home .  Adopt one and all the benefits above and many more will accrue to you.  Among the cats waiting are:
Moe….this lovable black and white boy has been at the shelter for quite awhile but he hasn’t given up hope.  He greets anyone approaching his cage with a plaintive meow…”Are you the one?” He likes a bit of play but he most enjoys a comfortable lap and lots of stroking.

  Liza ….has also been in the shelter a long time but she has kept her sweet, gentle personality.  She is a black and white beauty with a long, fluffy black tail. She never passes up an opportunity for a place on a comfy lap and a bit of a pet.
The Tortie Sisters….these girls  are just the right mix of playful and affectionate.  When they first meet you, they want a little lap time and some stroking before they jump down for a game of chase the ball or swat the toy.  Taco is the exuberant one while Runt is more laid back. They can be adopted separately or together.
Sandy…with the sapphire eyes  is a beautiful  tabby/lynx point  mix. She has a  regal air but succumbs to purrs , rollovers and kneading when gently stroked.  She is a bit shy in new situations but warms up once she feels safe and comfortable.
See pictures and more information on these and other wonderful animals at  Petfinder. com,  “like” us at www.facebook.com/YCAS Shelter, or visit the shelter at 2640 E. Gibson Rd, Woodland.
It’s what the doctor ordered!
Yolo County Animal Shelter

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