West Sac Phillies take the title

The West Sac Phillies (above) came from behind to take the District 6 Little League ‘Tournament of Champions’ title (photo by DE’ONNA JACK, Memories for Generations)


 ‘Winning a title, the hard way…’

  On June 16, District 6 Little League Baseball began its 2012 Major Division Baseball Tournament of Champions;,which consists of players from around the district.

  Players from North Natomas Little League, Sierra Little League, Antelope Little League, Rio Linda Little League and West Sacramento Little League participated.

  These players range in age from 10-12 and the teams in the tournament were the teams who won the most games in their respective leagues, giving them the chance to compete for the flag and championship.

  Any team loses two games goes home.

  The West Sac Phillies lost their first game on the 16th to Rio Linda Pirates by a final score of 1-0. The loss meant that West Sac would have to battle back the rest of the week to gain the chance to play in the Championship held on June 23.

  The North Natomas Auburn Tigers, on the other hand, won their first two games which gave them an undefeated status. Whomever ended up playing them would have to beat them twice. This would prove to be a task.

Mike Lamoreaux of the Phillies connects with a grand-slam swing (photo by DE’ONNA JACK, Memories for Generations)

  West Sac battled their way from the losers bracket winning each game they played the past week in order to gain a chance to play for the championship.

  On June 23, with Jacob Rapp on the mound, the West Sac Phillies shut North Natomas Tigers down, winning that game by a final of 15-3, thus forcing what they call an “If” game in the TOC’s.

  West Sacramento came back on Sunday with Alex Silva on the mound for most of the game and once again shut down North Natomas, 8-0, thus winning the TOC’s and the District 6 Flag for 2012.

  Mike Lamoreaux of the West Sac Phillies hit his first home run of the 2012 season during the Championship — a hitting a grand slam in that game.

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