West Nile: no aerial spraying planned yet


  The folks who fight West Nile Virus every summer by attacking the mosquito population report that no aerial spraying is planned at this time in the Sacramento-Yolo area — but low intensity ground spraying is underway from time to time.

  The Sacramento-Yolo Mosquito & Vector Control District reports that in Sacramento County thus far this season, 161 dead birds and 124 mosquito samples have tested positive for the virus. In Yolo, eight dead birds and four mosquito samples have tested positive.

  No “sentinel” chickens have turned up with the disease.

In addition to spraying to kill mosquitos, the “Fight the Bite” effort urges homeowners to take other anti-mosquito precautions — like emptying any standing water around their yards where mosquitos might breed, and reporting any neglected or abandoned swimming pools in their neighborhood.

   For more information on spraying plans and methods to ward off the virus, visit www.FightTheBite.net.

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