Toy bomb forces evacuation in West Sac

An 8-year old boy confessed that he placed this novelty item as a prank (courtesy of West Sacramento Fire Department)


Firefighters and police responded on July 17 to the 500-block of Laurel Lane, after a citizen reported what appeared to be a bundle of dynamite behind some garbage cans next to his home. From the street, firefighters could see the bundle “with what appeared to be a wire coming from the bundle to a small metallic box,” reports the West Sacramento Fire Department.

  “They decided to evacuate all of the residences surrounding the suspicious device for safety, and the Yolo County Bomb Squad was called to the scene. Approximately ten homes were cleared of occupants.”

  Then the case took a different turn:

  “While waiting for the bomb squad to investigate the device, WSPD officers were approached by a young boy who informed them that the device was a novelty item he had placed there. Using this information, the bomb squad technicians confirmed that the device was not hazardous and removed it from the scene.”

  Added Sergeant Nathan Steele of the West Sacramento Police Department:

  “An eight-year old boy was playing with a novelty fake bomb. No charges were filed.” 

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