‘Corn Festival’? ‘Hemp Festival’? Your ideas for an annual West Sac celebration


  EDITOR’S NOTE: The News-Ledger recently got to wondering whether West Sacramento ought to take another stab at coming up with its own annual festival to celebrate. So we posted the following question on our Facebook web page, and received the suggestions below:

“All right: so Woodland has a tomato festival (coming up on Aug 11). Isleton has a crawdad festival. Sacramento has a jazz festival. What should West Sac celebrate with a festival?”

  Billy Mistler: a Whitey’s Special festival.

  Gloria Pedroza-Madrid: Nice, Billy! But I will work with you, how about Whitey’s Peach milkshake festival!!!

  Sarah Wilson: Rice. Port of Sacramento.

  Cynthia ‘Cindi’ Islas: Corn festival.

  Denice Seals: How ‘bout a weekly Farmers Market! (Editor’s note: Denice heads up the local chamber of commerce, which happens to sponsor a Thursday-night farmers market!)

  Joshua Williams: Beer Cheese and Wine Festival!

  Katie Adams: beer festival!!

  Eve Westvik: A tamale festival.

Mary Brookins: Rice!

  Nathan Mccully: a drug and alcohol recovery festival and watermelon.

Dillon Stenholm: Hemp fest.

Pj Hargrove Bonfield: Something to highlight the Port.

  Debby Fricano: Corn festival!

  Julia McMichael: The Jazz Society is West Sacramento. Duh.

  David Prescott: West Sacramento Free Adult Vaccine-Preventable Diseases Festival.

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