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‘Well done, Char

It is my understanding that Char Ghio has retired as the Athletic Director at River City High School.

I would like to take this opportunity on behalf of the Sierra Valley Conference and me personally to say “thank you” to Char for all she has done for River City and the SVC.

CHAR GHIO, former Athletic Director at River City High School (News-Ledger file photo)

The job of athletic director is a thankless, time consuming (nights, weekends, summer) undertaking.  When athletic events take place, no one thinks of all of the hours of work that have gone into making that happen, unless something goes wrong.  If something does go wrong the AD is immediately on the hook for whatever issues occur.

The joy ADs do get is seeing kids getting to have the high school sports experience. It  makes most of the negatives seem worth it.

Char has been an invaluable member of the conference and I have had several conversations with her late at night, early in the morning, and on weekends concerning different issues of the league, scheduling, discipline, budgets, transportation, etc.  She truly was a committed AD who always wanted the best for her sports programs and student athletes.

River City High School has come a long way in the last couple of years.  They are very competitive in several sports now, and that is not by accident.  It has taken hours of hard work by players, coaches, administrators, and most of all, by a very committed athletic director.

River City High School and community has been very fortunate to have someone of Char’s character and organization to lead them over the years.

You will be missed Char!

Sierra Valley Conference Commissioner


Reform animal shelter
Did you know the lost, stray and the abandoned animals picked up in West Sacramento go to the Yolo County animal shelter in Woodland? Did you know that West Sacramento is responsible for the highest number of animals being “housed” at the shelter?  Did you know that this shelter has a long record of poor performance (only a 45 percent “live release” rate) and fiscal inefficiency (higher cost per capita than the city of Sacramento)?

In response to these alarming statistics, a group of Yolo county concerned citizens are seeking a new animal shelter model and a commitment from city and county officials for a live release rate of at least 90 percent. There are models out there and it can be done!

How can we, in West Sacramento, make this happen? We have an unprecedented window of opportunity to bring real reform to Animal Services in Yolo County. Yolo County has commissioned animal welfare consultants to examine the Animal Shelter situation.   Their report is nearing completion and will be open for public comment shortly.

  Please do a search for Yolo Coalition for Animal Shelter Reform in Facebook or  go to http://www.facebook.com/groups/342644755816399/.. This Facebook page is composed of concerned groups and individuals who would like to see many more animals adopted and less animals killed at the animal shelter.

The main function of the page is to inform, mobilize and create change, and will serve as a bulletin board for upcoming council meetings, reports and updates on what is occurring and what needs to be done!   We can do this; we need your voice to take this effort to the next level!

Now is a critical time because the County is finally seriously looking at this issue—the shelter was identified as one of the top three priorities for improvement. What needs to happen now? Community members across Yolo County must create pressure on our political leaders to create change that results in more animal adoptions and more live releases. Other communities have done this and so can we!

AMY McGUIRE, committee member of Yolo County Pet Animal Welfare Society (YC PAWS)
West Sacramento

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