Girl Scouts bring concerns to WUSD boss

Dayton Gilleland, superintendent of the Washington Unified School District, with some scouts from Troop 2203: (left-right) Kendelle Wilkinson, Kennedy Cooks, Anthena Kelly and Alexa Vasilopoulos (courtesy of Troop 2203)


A letter-writing project turned into something unexpected for members of Girl Scout Troop 2203 in West Sacramento – a meeting with the superintendent of schools in Washington Unified School District.

“Troop 2203 in West Sacramento spent some time writing about improvements they’d like to see in their community,” Troop Leader Yvonne Cantrell explained in a news release to the News-Ledger. “Two of the seven troop members chose to write to the Washington Unified School District – one to ask for more yard duty attendants to curb playground bullying, and the other to ask that all classrooms be equipped with ample and functioning desks and tools for learning.”

The letters went to Dayton Gilleland, the WUSD superintendent.

“They were humbly hoping to receive at least a standard ‘thank you for your concern’ letter in return,” said Cantrell. “To their delight and surprise, the superintendent not only acknowledged receipt of the letters, he also asked that the girls and their families meet with him.”

  The meeting happened on May 29.

“Dr. Gilleland graciously allowed each girl to share her story of concern, and he patiently listened and valued what each had to say. (He) explained that though some problems may seem to have an easy answer, there are a myriad of issues that the district must consider when operating a complex institution like a public school district, especially considering the budgetary climate of today,” said Cantrell.

The girls in Troop 2203 learned “that by taking action (simply writing a letter), their voices were heard and future improvement was possible now that a dialog had been started.”

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