‘Third strike’ conviction upheld for fake bomb


The state supreme court has reinstated the conviction of a man found guilty of leaving a fake bomb at the Yolo County Communications Center in 2006.

66-year old Barry Turnage of Woodland was sentenced to life in prison under the “three strikes law,” after prior convictions for armed robbery and for shooting a rifle into a City of Berkeley fire truck.

According to the office of Yolo County District Attorney Jeff Reisig, Turnage’s conviction for the Woodland “fake bomb” offense was overturned by an appeals court. That court ruled that the “equal protection” clause of the Constitution was violated because the fake bomb statute did not compare well with other laws in the state.

  But the California Supreme Court disagreed, unanimously voting to reinstate the conviction.

In a press release, D.A. Reisig praised the work of California Deputy Attorney General Rachelle Newcomb, saying “Yolo County is now safer thanks to her work.”

The Yolo Emergency Communications center, where Turnage left the fake bomb, is a 911 call-handling and dispatch center, and houses the county’s Office of Emergency Services.

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