A moment in West Sac from 1960:


A letter to the editor of the News-Ledger:

Thank you for your wonderful article entitled “I believe I see the future.” (News-Ledger, Aug. 8, 2012)

JULIUS FEHER, founder of the News-Ledger and two prior West Sacramento newspapers (News-Ledger file photo)

You did a wonderful job in providing historical information about Julius Feher (the founder of the News-Ledger) and his influence in West Sacramento, the city he loved. I worked at the paper part-time during some years I was in college. I worked in the front office doing a variety of duties. I respected Julius and felt privileged to work for him.

I loved his sense of humor and respected his commitment to responsible reporting.

As I read your article I was taken down memory lane. One of the memories was from the presidential election in 1960.

Julius had me go to voting places after the polls closed to write down the presidential election results. As I arrived at the fire station on the corner of 15th Street and Alabama Avenue, Richard Nixon was giving his concession speech. Not wanting to miss any of that, I left my car door open with the radio turned up as I went to the sheet to record the results.

  As I did, a lady who had worked at the voting booth asked me what was on the radio. I told her that Richard Nixon was giving his concession speech acknowledging that John F. Kennedy had won the election.

She said to me, “we are no longer the land of the free.”

I asked her what she meant and she said, “the Pope will run the country.”

During the campaign there were many people who had a similar opinion.

Benicia, CA

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