Oldtimer Lou Arges dead at 90

LOU ARGES, West Sacramento's "Pipe King"


Lou Arges, a well-known West Sacramento property owner and businessman, died in his home on Sept. 11 at the age of 90.

Arges was a sheepherder, farmer and businessman. His business interests included “The Pipe King” pipe sales spot on Jefferson Blvd. in Southport, which for a number of years provide pipe for construction purposes. The business earned Arges himself the nickname “Pipe King.”

He stayed active in his retirement, building a large house on his Southport property and working the land.

Arges was an avid hunter and fisherman, frequenting the Sierra Nevadas and the wilderness of Idaho and Montana.

He is survived by children Demetre and Tambi, brother Phillip, sister Katherine, grandsons Julian and Benjamin, and by other relatives and friends.

A “celebration of life” service is planned for Tuesday, Sept. 18, at 11 a.m. at River Cities Funeral Chapel, 910 Soule Street. Friends are invited.

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  1. Jeff Henry says:

    I will miss Lou, and the community as a whole has lost a great man. Lou worked tirelessly his entire life and never hesitated to act when a community event needed a hand.
    One of my fondest memories of Lou was many years ago when we lost the Pine tree on the corner of West Cap and Jefferson which was used for years as the neighborhood Christmas tree. When the tree was removed, Lou and I talked about what we needed to do for a replacement. So I went down to the tree farm on Linden and bought this massive tree, about 45 feet tall, which needed a flat bed semi to bring it over. Lou went out to his pipe yard and fabricated this huge steel tree stand from the large drainage pipes. This also had to be brought in on a large flatbed truck with escorts as it was so wide.
    With the help of cranes from the Parks department we got the stand up and the tree installed, with the City engineers plugging us into power from the corner. I think that first year is when we had then mayor Cindy Tuttle climb up the ladder from the fire truck to put the star on top. We used that stand for many years until the tree lighting got moved to City Hall. Lou has always been there, he is the heart and soul of a community that debated among ourselves but always came together for the real important things. I am going to miss him greatly.

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