Raider football enters win column


By Jordan Pearce
RCHS Journalism Class

On September 21, River City High School’s JV and varsity football teams traveled to Union Mine, home of the “Rattlers.” Going into this game with already three previous losses in a row made this victory all the sweeter.

The first quarter had a nice start, even though it ended with a score of 0-0. The harder we fought them, the harder they fought back.

By the second quarter the score was 9-0 with the Rattlers ahead. The Raiders appeared confused by the Rattlers’ game plan. Now, it was time for half time and either the coaches or the players made the conscious decision that they were not going to walk away without some feeling of satisfaction from this game.

Half-time ended and the game entered into the third quarter; everyone knew the plan:  play hard and work as a team. Finally, an RCHS score!

Seeing the score board made the crowd go wild that the Raiders now had six points, they were still down, but at least they made a score.

The big moment came, the fourth quarter, either bet big or go home. Both sides of the stands were on edge, waiting to see who would win.

Finally, the Raiders with a final score of 13 and the Rattlers with a score of 9 made the home team walk out with their heads down. As for Raiders, they ran with their heads high, hugging and high-fiving, they got their win. This was the game to remember.

It was the first win of the season for River City, which is now 1-4 overall and 1-0 in league play.

The RCHS jayvees lost their game to Union Mine, 34-14.

(EDITOR’S UPDATE, SEPT 29: The varsity Raiders followed up their Union Mine victory with a 47-8 win over El Dorado last night.)

RCHS stats for the offense against Union Mine on Sept 21:
David Vincent 12 carries for 60 yards, 2 TD
Tucker McAmoil 10 carries for 22 yards
Kevin Burkes 5 carries for 15 yards
Elijah Thomas 6 carries for 10 yards, 7 attempts, 3 completions, 34 yards
Juan Lezcano 1 carry for 6 yards
Malik Dumetz 2 catches for 11 yards
Vince Chelini 1 catch for 23 yards, 5 punts 218 yards, 43.6 average
Stats for the Defense:
Defensive Tackle Maurice Rodriguez 3 solo tackles, 8 assists
Linebacker Andrew Dutra 21points
Safety Artis Jackson 19 points
Defensive End Dominic Lawrence 12 points
Defensive End Junior Chean 11 points

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