Judge sends West Sacramento man to jail for nonpayment of child support


Yolo County spokeswoman Beth Gabor announced that a West Sacramento man was jailed for a child support issue.

On the afternoon of September 25, Keith Michael Reese, Sr. was remanded into custody for violation of an order to seek work regarding his child support case.

Reese was originally charged with 18 counts of contempt in connection with his failure to pay his back child support, alleged to be in excess of $68,000.  In June, Reese pled guilty to four counts of contempt and was sentenced to 400 hours of community service.

On June 19, Resse failed to appear for a review hearing and warrant was issued for his arrest, said Gabor

On September 25, Reese appeared before Commissioner Umonzio and was sentenced to 8 days in jail which he began serving immediately.

Gabor added that the Yolo County Department of Child Support Services is trying to increase collections for children who are in need of support.  In August, the department began a campaign to work on cases where no payment has been received within the year.  Over 1,000 defendants were contacted and urged to get in touch with the Yolo County Department of Child Support Services to avoid legal action.  Those, who did not comply will face increasingly serious consequences, she said.

The Yolo County Department of Child Support Services encourages defendants who are having difficulty meeting their child support obligations to contact the office to work out arrangements with their case worker.  They may call (866) 901-3212.

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