Recent ‘letters to the editor’:

  Following are a couple of letters-to-the-editor received by the West Sacramento News-Ledger recently. They are from the newspaper’s Sept. 19 and Oct. 3 editions, respectively.

  The News-Ledger is West Sacramento’s weekly, longstanding hometown paper.

Cell phone abuse
Everyday I see more and more motorists brazenly texting or talking on  their cellphones. Either they are slowing to a crawl, distracted by  their phone activity, or blithely speeding or drifting into the next lane.

  Anyone who has truly important reasons for texting or phoning en  route would be riding in the back seat of a town car or limousine.

Seems to me that the California Highway Patrol, Sacramento PD,  or West Sacramento PD could post a  motorcycle officer for one hour  per day, at any point along any major thoroughfare,  and rake in enough fines to alleviate any budget problems.

West Sacramento


On behalf of the many members of the San Pedro Association, I wish to thank the W.S. News-Ledger for the excellent coverage provided this past year.  Announcements about upcoming events to be held at the San Pedro Park located in the old Bryte District have been published as well as photos of special happenings.    This group was originally founded in 1922 by immigrant families from Madeira Island, Portugal.

When the current San Pedro Park was established after WWII, the entire communities of Bryte, Broderick and West Sacramento participated in the two day event.  Due to a lack of volunteers, the public event was discontinued in 1980 but this past June, the second and third generation of the original Madeiran families worked together to once again provide a similar two day event.  It was a great celebration!

This past September weekend, a fundraiser was held by asking local residents to “Drop Off E-Waste” at the San Pedro Park gate.  Many local residents responded and when ask, they all replied they saw the notice in the Local Scene section of the W.S. News-Ledger.  The result of recycling E-Waste cleans up the neighborhood and also benefits the treasury of the San Pedro Association.

Thank you, Editor Steve Marschke, for responding to our request for publicity.

E-Waste Drop Off Event, San Pedro Park

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