Food trucks bring their flavors to WS

A crowd gathers as Sacramento-area food trucks set up camp on the riverfront at River Walk Park, West Sacramento. It was this city's first-ever organized food truck event. (Photo by SAM URREA for the News-Ledger))


By Sam Urrea
News-Ledger Correspondent

The city of West Sacramento enjoyed its first ever “food truck rodeo” festivity at the River Walk Park on September 29, resulting in an apparent success.

Organized by Sacramento Mobile Food, nicknamed “Sactomofo,” the event held more than 20 mobile food vendors from 11 a.m to 7 p.m. There was live music as well.
Dave Feldpausch, a vendor of craft-made popsicles and an associate of “Sactomofo,” expressed his satisfaction at the success of the event.

“I sold out most of my popsicles,” he said. “It was a very productive day. This place is lovely. We’re right next to the river and the atmosphere is just fun,” he said.

The owner of the “Dave’s Dawgs” food car, Dave Clover, shared that view.

  “This is our first time here in West Sacramento, and probably won’t be our last,” said Clover. “Being next to the river is a huge attraction and I am not surprised at the amount of people that turned out today.”

Sactomofo schedules weekly events all around Sacramento and obtains its sponsors and music from online marketing such as Facebook and Twitter.  They also sponsor sporting events, conventions and food-centric events for residents giving them a chance to please their tastes from a variety of associated mobile food vendors.

Founder Josh Lurie-Terrel was delighted to host the event in West Sacramento and seemed pleasantly surprised at the popularity of it.

“A lot of people are here today. This is the best spot we’ve ever had the chance to be by, so we will definitely be back,” he said.

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