Suspicious man reported by kids


A pair of students from Southport Elementary School report that a suspicious man in a pickup truck may have been staring at them as they walked home from a school bus stop on Linden Road.

The incident happened around 3:30 p.m. on Wednesday, within a few blocks of Linden Road and Violet Drive.

“Two kids got off the bus on Linden Road, near their house,” Lieutenant Tod Sockman of the West Sacramento Police Department told the News-Ledger. “They saw a guy in a dark gray pickup truck. They described him as in his 50s with sideburns. He may have been staring at them. They got creeped out by him and thought he was following them. They took a detour, and went down what they described as an alley, and never saw him again.”

“The man didn’t speak to the kids,” he said.

  Sockman said it isn’t clear whether the man was up to any mischief, but the kids “did the right thing” by being vigilant and careful.

“I wouldn’t want them to do anything else,” he said. “But it could just be a guy sitting in a truck. There was enough information that we took a police report and put it out to every single patrol car.”

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